About Us

Pongo Panda

We are a manufacturing company based in Cheshire, United Kingdom that manufactures in multiple market places of printed, pressed and cutter plotted products.

Our inventory of goods and the market places we operate business in continues to grow so keep an eye out for Pongo Panda.

Why pongo? Pong is an english slang name for Solidier in the british army, we thought about many different names for the company and have previously changed over from Stencil Zone a stencil manufacturing company as we now house more than just stencils on our store so decided to create a broad name that can house many markets of products in one place.

After much thought and hours of cross matching words Pongo Panda was born and our artist got to work to create the company mascot.

Pongo is a loyal, happy, fun face to our brand he is a reliable trusted authorotive figure that you can ensure will take care of business, keep you happy and keep us inline to give you the best service possible.